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About Curveball Solutions

At Curveball Solutions we believe in helping our clients simplify their business operations to achieve commercial success through technology. We do this by providing impartial advice with innovative, tailored solutions designed to help your business save time and reduce costs.

Our key aim is to act as an extension of your business, not just as a supplier, but as a trusted partner. Our dedicated Solutions Consultants have built long-term relationships with our clients, providing access to expert advice and a range of benefits offered by our carefully selected partners.

The key message we want to get across though is this; it’s not about us, it’s about you. We are driven to resolve your operational headaches so you can do what you do best, because when you’re succeeding so are we.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to act as an extension of your business. We aren’t just a supplier, we act as a partner. Curveball Solutions’ number one priority is to generate happy clients, so we make every effort to help you achieve your needs.

We consistently adapt to customer demands and are always researching the most ground-breaking, reliable suppliers to recommend the best impartial advice to our clients. Our advice will always give you the greatest value for money and having an approachable account manager will minimise the headache of tackling the task of updating processes and services that most people try to avoid.

Our outlook is that we have clients, not customers. Your dedicated account manager will oversee all contracts and suppliers on your behalf, which allows you to save money on installation costs and dedicate your time to more productive activities.

Curveball’s methods will assist you in getting the most out of the technology as it continuously progresses and helps you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Our History

Established in 1998, the beginning of Curveball’s story began with optimistic eyes spotting a potential gap in the market: mobile.

Before the smartphone boom, not everybody wanted a mobile phone. Though, Curveball’s intuition knew that ultimately everybody will strive to have one. In a community full of negative attitude towards the switch to mobile, and comments about how the business will only last a few years, Curveball was distinctly ahead of the curve.

After making great progress in the mobile industry, we listened to the needs of our clients and moved to more sophisticated devices and introduced more areas of expertise, such as connectivity and fixed line.

Following the growth of Curveball’s experience in mobile, we became product developers in telematics and the preferred provider for RHA, and this inspired us to closely observe the evolution of technology in the UK and abroad. By identifying services that would add the greatest value to our clients, our experts would analyse and offer advice on the latest advances in the integrated technology market.

Providing expert advice, and building relationships and rapport with long-term clients, proved extremely successful, but, over time, we discovered that focusing on market analysis as well as product development limited our ability to excel in both areas at the speed we desired. This revelation triggered the executive decision to become an independent market analyser and manager of the collated services, letting go of product development, and so the Curveball Solutions of today was born.

Our Partners

Curveball Solutions has a range of expertly chosen partners who we are extremely proud of. These partnerships help progress our technology and knowledge in areas such as 3cx phone systems, backup disaster recovery, cloud backup, cloud hosted telephony, connectivity solutions, dual energy business, fleet and asset management, IT solutions, IT support, managed IT services, unified digital services and wireless leased lines, and help cement our reputation as a trusted, diverse advisor.

Amongst these influential partners sits O2. Curveball has worked tirelessly to achieve and maintain the esteemed status of O2 Direct Partner since 2015. We have claimed multiple awards since becoming an O2 Centre of Excellence in 2006, the most recent being the Digital Excellence and Customer Excellence Awards of 2019.

Our relationship with reputable suppliers means that we have the power to shape better packages and deals on your behalf. We confidently recommend entrusting your business needs into the hands of Curveball and our reliable partners.

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