Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Better manage your IT budget with cloud hosted IT infrastructure

Cut out onsite server costs and management by hosting your IT infrastructure in the cloud with IaaS.

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

A model of cloud computing where the cloud provider hosts aspects of an organisation’s infrastructure – such as servers, networking hardware and data storage that would typically be hosted on an on-site data centre.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing service enabling organisations to rent resources such as servers, network security features, and data centres.

Instead of investing in building and maintaining your own IT infrastructure, cloud computing models, and our cloud services, allow you to be able to simply pay for the resources you need and focus on your software application – Saving you time and money on your associated storage and networking.

Curveball Solutions has the ability to manage your IT infrastructure, operating systems, additional development, as well as your management and analytics tools. This is cloud computing you can truly rely on, delivered via professional data centres and our expert team.

What are the benefits of using an Infrastructure as a Service provider?

Reduced Costs

The Infrastructure as a Service provider model is able to help organisations drastically lower their infrastructure costs, simply by removing the need for expensive hardware and equipment as well as the associated maintenance. We’re an expert Infrastructure as a Service company who can help find the right custom solution for you, including specialisms within cloud computing such as object storage, content delivery, disaster recovery and platform as a service requirements too.

Business Growth

An IaaS solution enabled organisations to spend less time focusing on building and maintaining their IT infrastructure, through using a private cloud or public cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure or Google Drive to save on your computing resources. In turn this means that the organisations will have more time and resources to focus on innovative solutions that will grow their business – particularly when combined with with a Software as a Service option as part of our wider cloud computing service.

Increased Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of the IaaS model is that enables businesses to be more flexible and quickly scale their IT infrastructure up or down as needed. IaaS service providers are typically equipped with the latest, most capable hardware and technology, meaning that they can quickly accommodate the needs of a rapidly growing organisation.

Likewise, some organisations may have the need to scale down their IT infrastructure, and IaaS providers can easily accommodate this as well, using a hybrid cloud system.

Either way, IaaS enables organisations to be more flexible in regards to scaling their infrastructure without requiring them to buy or sell off hardware when doing so.

IaaS Diagram

Cloud Data Backup

Protect your data and retrieve it  easily from anywhere, avoiding disruptive downtime

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Replication and recovery of your physical or virtual servers

Infrastructure as a Service features at a glance

Greater security

Your data is hosted within ISO27001 UK data centres and is protected by enterprise network security.

No upfront costs

With no need for upfront investments in enterprise hardware, you can reinvest in other strategic areas of your business.


We continuously invest into our infrastructure to guarantee performance and reliability.

Always on

Our dedicated cloud engineers monitor and maintain infrastructure 24/7/365, ensuring secure and reliable access.

Managed options available

Depending on your available time and expertise, our team can help support your business’ transition to the cloud.

Predicatable monthly costs

With IaaS, you only have to pay for what you need, when you need it – rather than over-purchasing.

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