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Cloud Data Backup Services

Smart data management & protection – across our cloud backup services.

Invest in cloud data backup and never miss a beat.

Rapid cloud backup and recovery for servers, desktops and laptops. Instant access to live and archive data.

Cloud filing cabinet

What is Cloud Data Backup?

A cloud data backup service provider will duplicate and store your data, for easy and quick retrieval in the event of hardware failure or data loss. Our online backup services and cloud storage space provide you with a snapshot from a specific point in time, to quickly recover your data as part of your wider disaster recovery planning.

From your initial backup, we will provide both a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for your project. Your RTO and RPO dictate your service levels and how quickly we can get you back up and running as part of your disaster recovery strategy.

Hardware failure is responsible for up to 45% of organisation downtime.

Why does your business need Cloud Data Backup?

If your business relies on a billing platform or CRM to handle orders and interact with clients, then it is safe to say that when your hardware fails you will be unable to operate and make money. The average cost of downtime per hour sits at £4,000+ and is rising. How many customers or sales would you lose during just one hour or day of downtime and how much would you be paying to staff for an operation that is unable to run? Is that figure worth risking? Your current data backup, or lack thereof, could be a disaster waiting to happen.

The average cost of downtime per hour

Infrastructure as a Service

Keep your business safe in the case of a disaster with a with a virtual copy of your IT system stored in the cloud

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Replication and recovery of your physical or virtual servers

Cloud Data Backup & Archiving

All-in-One Cloud Data Management

With an all-in-one offering and competitive pricing, we work with partners who offer the best value for money in the marketplace. When you pay for cloud backup and recovery, you also get archiving, disaster recovery and data migration – all included in the price.

Microsoft 365 Backup

​​​​​​​Back up all the Microsoft 365 data within your organisation, directly from Microsoft’s cloud, all through an intuitive web interface.

Cloud Data Backup benefits at a glance

Peace of mind

Knowing that you can always retrieve your data quickly, no matter what goes wrong.

Reduced reliance

No longer a need to rely on internal hardware and infrastructure.

Increased Security

AI automatically detects and removes suspicious files from backups for malware-free recoveries.

Easy access platforms

A single, unified interface for smart data management – view all your data in one place.

Avoid downtime

Instant Access on-demand data streaming technology, prioritises the recovery of accessed files without needing to wait for a full recovery.

Simple, predictable pricing

Our subscription-based pricing is simple, cost-effective and predictable.

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