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Construction IT Problems and Solutions

As a Managed Service Provider, we provide busy Construction Managers with one point of contact for all their IT and Communication services.

We are experts in providing fully Managed IT and Comms solutions for construction companies of all sizes, helping building firms to keep connected with their sites while improving productivity and security. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we take a full service approach to the successful delivery and support for all your IT support and business communication requirements – keeping your day to day operations running smoothly and giving you peace of mind to focus on what’s important for your overall success.


Common IT Problems for Construction Businesses

Common Communications Problems for Construction Businesses

DT Hughes Case Study

Managed IT for the Construction Industry

At Curveball Solutions we are experts in helping to improve your IT network. As a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) we’ve got everything covered from IT Support and Cyber Security to Data Backup – everything you nee to protect your business from costly downtime. All are delivered with independent advice, expert guidance and first-class customer support.

Common IT Problems

Outdated tech and hardware

The Problem

Many construction businesses still use older technology, believing they’re saving money by avoiding spending on new technology. However, running outdated tech and software causes problems like increased maintenance costs, gaps in cyber security and reduced productivity when IT stops working.

The Solution

Invest in up-to-date computers, laptops and tablets and benefit from reliable equipment, improved cyber security and the latest in productivity tools. Improve staff morale and reduce the risk of downtime caused by outages and breakdowns. We can recommend equipment based on your needs and access the best prices from our partners. To manage budgets and avoid significant upfront costs, we can also provide hardware on a lease basis.

Added Benefits

Budget-friendly, improved productivity, increased cyber security, happier employees, reduced risk of downtime, refreshed equipment warranties.

Cyber security concerns

The Problem

Construction industry cyberattacks can be in the form of hackers breaching your system to gain confidential company information, data on customers and employees, pricing information and sensitive financial records. Cyberattacks can halt operations and expose your company to liabilities from employees, suppliers and clients due to the breach of private information.

The Solution

The core components required for a robust cyber security strategy include update-to-date equipment and hardware, IT Security that is adaptive to the latest threats  and a cyber-aware workforce. To reduce the impact on your business in the case of a cyber attack, a cloud data backup solution that continuously backs up your data will allow you to access critical data within seconds from any location.

Added Benefits

Improved protection of your business, confidential data and reputation, reduced risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime, reduced risk of downtime, confidential data protected from loss, time saved restoring data in the event of a disaster, peace of mind and reduced hassle.

Protection and safety concerns

The Problem

Problems faced by many construction sites can include site vandalism and theft or loss of equipment. The impact of loss, theft or vandalism can be severe as each lost or damaged resource cuts into tight project margins. In addition, construction managers need to be aware of any unsafe worker behaviour so they can implement workplace safety training and avoid potential accidents.

The Solution

Onsite CCTV is essential for any business, particularly so in construction. As well as providing protection for sites, equipment and staff, CCTV can help managers identify unsafe working practices so they can be remedied quickly.  In addition to CCTV solutions, we can help keep track of your assets with Mobile to Mobile (M2M) SIM asset tracking. With an M2M solution construction companies can quickly locate assets such as vehicles, portable equipment, diggers and cranes.

Added Benefits

Monitor health and safety, protect employees and assets, locate missing assets, and reduce insurance premiums.

Communications Solutions for the Construction Industry

From boosting your internet access to providing modern and effective telecom solutions, we can help keep your business connected in many ways. By providing reliable connectivity or delivering a telephone system that provides a smooth experience for callers and staff, we will ensure that your connectivity and communications set-up is reliable, straightforward and fit for purpose.

Common Communications Problems

Slow communications

The Problem

Many construction project problems are linked to slow communication between different teams and departments. Communication problems and worker adoption of new technology can both contribute to a build project’s failure to complete on time.

The Solution

With a cloud-hosted telephony solution, your construction business can quickly improve communication between your sites, team and suppliers. By using an app on their smartphone, your employees to communicate from anywhere using the internet. Get in touch with a 1-2-1 audio call or a group video call, send a message or group message, or share files. There is no need for old-style copper fixed telephone lines, and although the applications are intuitive and easy to use, our experts can provide your team with training if needed.

intuitive, training Wildix?

Added Benefits

Save an average of 50% by switching to VoIP cloud-hosted telecoms, no expensive hardware, integrated web conferencing, free internal calls, free external calls using mobile or web app, easy installation and user-friendly management.

Onsite device damage

The Problem

Due to the conditions on construction sites, hardware and mobile devices are easily damaged, meaning regular replacements are often needed. Without reliable devices it’s difficult for onsite teams to communicate, access data and complete their jobs effectively.

The Solution

We provide construction companies with robust devices with heavy-duty protective cases, meaning they no longer waste money on replacing expensive tablets and phones that have been dropped or damaged.  We recently helped DT Hughes Group when they were experiencing this very problem – our experts recommended, sourced and configured the best, most robust devices before quickly getting them into contractor’s hands.

Added Benefits

Save time, save money, reduce hassle, reliable devices, protected communication, reduced risk of delays, happy clients

Unreliable connectivity

The Problem

To effectively manage projects in the construction industry, reliable connectivity is essential. This can be more difficult to achieve on temporary construction sites or in more rural areas.

The Solution

We provide construction businesses with resilient, powerful and future-proof internet connectivity solutions using fibre cabling or leased lines for offices and 5G solutions to keep teams connected on site.  With a blended connectivity solution, we can help strengthen your connectivity no matter where your teams are based.

Added Benefits

Expert ‘vendor neutral’ advice based on your organisation’s size and connectivity needs, competitive pricing,  secure solutions, solutions to manage bandwidth and reliable wifi access and backup connectivity solutions in case of ISP outage.

Free IT Health Check

We are offering a free IT Health Check to schools and colleges to provide a clear picture of the strengths and current risks to their IT network. Particularly for schools, colleges and education, this offer includes an extensive remote IT Audit that will highlight any areas your network may be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

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