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Reliable ICT Support for the Education Sector

As a Managed Service Provider, we provide busy School Business Managers with one point of contact for all their ICT and Communication services.

We are experts in providing Managed IT support for educational institutions of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small primary schools to multiple location educational trusts. Our remote IT support packages have been designed to adhere directly to government best practices.


Common IT Problems for Schools and Colleges

Common Communications Problems for Schools and Colleges

What should education providers be considering?

Secure Data Backup - The Government Guidance

In March 2021 specific guidance was issued by the Department of Education (DfE) and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) for schools following a wave of directly targeted ransomware attacks,. You can read their full report here.

We help education providers to meet government guidance by helping ensure that confidential data is protected and held securely with additional backup,

ISDN 2025 switch off - is your school ready?

If you haven’t already upgraded your organisation’s telecoms to VOIP, its time to start thinking about this critical business upgrade. BT is switching off ISDN completely in 2025, meaning that all ISDN/PTSN copper cable telephone lines will no longer work. There is no need to wait until the last minute to make the switch either,  switching over to cloud-hosted telephony means you can start saving money now.


The BT ISDN Switch Off: Everything You Need To Know

Managed IT for Schools & Colleges

At Curveball Solutions we are experts in helping to improve your IT network. As a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) we’ve got everything covered from IT Support and Security to Data Backup and protection from downtime  – all delivered with independent advice, expert guidance and first-class customer support.

Common IT Problems

Unreliable IT

The Problem

While effective and reliable IT is critical for both students and teachers, education providers have limited budgets and quality IT Support can be expensive.

The Solution

Our IT Support packages from £17.50 per month, include unlimited support requests, preventative maintenance and 24/7 network monitoring. Ideal for small schools as well as larger education providers with an internal IT team, our IT experts bring a wealth of experience to your school or college as an external IT department.  With Curveball, you can be sure we’ll be there to provide support whenever you need us, at no extra cost.

Added Benefits

Maximised uptime, budget-friendly solution, administration and learning time protected, reduced hassle, access to a range of IT expertise

Vulnerable, unprotected data

The Problem

No backup in place to protect and allow access to data and files in the event of a disaster. This means that in the event of an event such as an outage, flooding, fire or a cyber attack, critical data could be lost.

The Solution

With a  robust cloud data backup solution, your data is continuously backed up at two separate UK data centres. This allows you to access critical data within seconds from any location. As independent experts, we work with a range of platforms from Google Workspace to Office 365, along with specific disaster recovery platforms for larger-scale educational institutions.

Added Benefits

Reduced risk of downtime, confidential data protected from loss, time saved restoring data in the event of a disaster, peace of mind and reduced hassle.

High print costs

The Problem

It can be a challenge for schools to manage print resources, trying to keep print costs to a minimum whilst limiting the environmental impact.

The Solution

We provide a range of multifunctional devices, from high usage machines ideal for large print jobs to devices perfect for the small admin office environment. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) solution is designed to manage your school or college’s complete printing set-up, including printers, scanners, photocopiers and print management software.

Added Benefits

Cost-effective, reduced running costs, reduced waste, energy efficient, safe and secure, optimised workflow, full management and control, cloud-ready machines and clear, measurable improvements.

Communications Solutions for Schools & Colleges

From boosting your internet access to providing modern and effective telecom solutions, we can improve your school’s communications in many ways.

By providing reliable connectivity or delivering a telephone system that provides a smooth experience for callers and staff, we will ensure that your connectivity and communications set-up is reliable, straightforward and fit for purpose, both now and in the near future.

Common Communications Problems

BT ISDN switch off

The Problem

Even though it can be expensive, an important part of your school or college ICT system is your phone lines and landline numbers. With BT ISDN switch off happening in 2025, it’s critical that your school or college is prepared for the fast-approaching loss of service.

The Solution

With future-proof cloud-hosted telephony as your school’s telecom system, there is no longer any need for physical, on-site hardware or storage. No more maintenance costs, expensive upgrades or service downtime. Call queue management, re-routing options, extension numbers and recorded messages are all easily managed through a desktop application.

Added Benefits

Save an average of 50% by switching to VoIP cloud-hosted telecoms, no expensive hardware, integrated we conferencing, free internal calls, free external calls using mobile or web app, easy installation and user-friendly management.

Unreliable connectivity

The Problem

Unreliable internet connectivity and access to wifi have a major impact on a school’s day-to-day operations. Reliance on internet connectivity provided by old copper wires and phone lines is also outdated and problematic.

The Solution

We provide schools and colleges with resilient, powerful and future-proof internet connectivity solutions using fibre cabling and possibly more than one leased line to provide enough bandwidth for all your staff and student’s needs. We can help strengthen your connectivity with separate lines for data and voice, plus 5G connectivity for backup internet access if needed.

Added Benefits

Expert ‘vendor neutral’ advice based on your organisation’s size and connectivity needs, competitive pricing,  secure solutions, solutions to manage bandwidth and reliable wifi access and backup connectivity solutions in case of ISP outage.

Student device monitoring

The Problem

As mobile device usage grows rapidly across education at all levels, it’s important that student access to laptops and tablets is limited to educational content,  whether they are used in the classroom or at home.

The Solution

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions allow us to help schools to control, secure and enforce policies on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.  With MDM software we can manage access on Android devices commonly used by students and staff. Not only does SOTI allow us to provide remote mobile support, it allows us to set up the apps and access your student’s need for learning – as well as blocking access to content not required.

Added Benefits

Safeguard students, block unauthorised content and apps, device tracking, safe and distraction free learning, remote access and monitoring, remote support and peace of mind.

Free IT Health Check

We are offering a free IT Health Check to schools and colleges to provide a clear picture of the strengths and current risks to their IT network. Particularly for schools, colleges and education, this offer includes an extensive remote IT Audit that will highlight any areas your network may be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

What our customers say

Why choose us as your School IT Support provider?

We proactively monitor you school ICT through our extensively developed remote support agent tool. This undertakes 24/7 background checks for online risks and applies safety features such as powerful web filters to block harmful content online and restrictions to the types of files that can be downloaded, by specific users.

In addition to this our support agent tool also allows us to remotely access all the devices on your system, undertaking key maintenance tasks such as software installations and updates. We can also take control over your devices to fix any bugs or users issues experienced by staff or students alike.

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