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Commercial CCTV Services

CCTV is an essential security feature for all commercial premises. Our CCTV packages offer cost-effective security systems whether your business is a retail outlet, office, warehouse or manufacturer.As part of a Managed IT solution, we can take care of your network, infrastructure, applications and support needs.

We are here to help ensure that your IT provision delivers a strong foundation for your business.

We have a range of commercial CCTV packages available, suitable for all business sizes with installation and a 12 month guarantee included:

  • Lease from £19 per month
  • Purchase outright from £850 (+VAT)

Key features of our CCTV security systems

Free commercial CCTV security audit

Free onsite CCTV security audit

External commercial CCTV security

External CCTV installations

Internal commercial CCTV security

Internal CCTV installations

Commercial CCTV security email alerts

Receive intruder email alerts

Commercial CCTV security smartphone feed access

Instant access to your feed via smartphone

Commercial CCTV security motion detection

Motion detection

Waterproof CCTV security cameras


Night vision CCTV cameras

Night vision

HD plug and play system

HD Plug & Play system

Commercial CCTV security secure feed playback

Secure video playback

How we can help protect your business

  1. We can help to define the reasons why you need a CCTV system
  2. We can help design a CCTV system to fit your business needs
  3. Our qualified team will deliver a professional and tidy installation of your CCTV system
  4. We will demonstrate how to easily use your new CCTV system

How can we help your business succeed?

Find out with a free consultation with one of our experts.

Why is CCTV security important?

Crime prevention

By installing a CCTV security system on your premises you reduce the likelihood of experiencing crimes such as burglary and criminal damage, even more so when used with signage.

CCTV can also reduce the risk of antisocial behaviour and violence in the workplace, acting as a deterrent to offenders and helping employees, customers and visitors feel safer. Furthermore, CCTV can help protect your business from theft and fraudulent accident claims.

In the event of an incident taking place, CCTV security can:

    • help you to direct staff or security to where they’re needed
    • allow you to collect evidence to help catch and convict offenders

Find out more

To find out more or to request a free CCTV Security Audit and quote, contact our experts today.

Enhance Health and Safety in the workplace

As an employer you have a legal duty to ensure the health and safety of your employees and anyone else who visits your business. CCTV can help to enhance your health and safety procedures and protect individuals on your premises.

When installed correctly, CCTV can help to reduce risks by allowing you to:

    • monitor employees and systems to ensure that your Health and Safety procedures are being correctly implemented
    • identify risks before they can cause an accidents

Access and review data

CCTV systems allow commercial businesses to effectively monitor the activities of employees and visitors as well as review security footage of any incidents that occur:

    • access records of when your employees enter and leave the workplace
    • establish when deliveries are made
    • review footage of any incidents
    • identify fraudulent accident claims

The benefits of our CCTV security systems

Reduces risk

As well as being associated with a decrease in crime, commercial CCTV security allows you to ensure that Health and Safety procedures are being implemented correctly and reduces the risk of fraudulent accident claims.


We build a package based on your needs and provide a straightforward, simple to use platform to monitor your feeds.

Peace of mind

Our trusted products and 12 month guarantee ensure your premises, employees and visitors are protected.

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