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Having greater control over your fleet management and valuable assets through tracking, can empower your business to maximise the life and usage of your equipment. Minimising costs associated with travel and transport creates wider profit margins or more competitive prices for your customers – in a climate of rising fixed costs.

By using fleet tracking technologies and asset management software you will be automating the management of your machines, resulting in more accurate information, improved fleet efficiency, reduced costs. It can also prevent or respond to disasters, such as theft and misconduct or road traffic accidents. Businesses have a duty of care to drivers, focusing on a reduced accident management policy – assisted by your fleet management system.

What does vehicle fleet tracking and asset management mean?

Fleet and asset management is a method of collecting information from vehicles, portable equipment or machines with variables that can be monitored. Vehicle Fleet Management involves tracking location, mileage, fuel consumption and speed on company vehicles, locating transportable objects and cargo that have no engine, such as containers and trailers.

A vehicle tracking management system or fleet management software is an exceptionally common and necessary feature in the haulage industry, where the price competition is notoriously tough. In an industry based on transporting massive volume for low margins, being able to use fleet telematics to track mileage, optimise routes to make fleets run more efficiently and cost effectively reduce your overheads accordingly could save a significant amount of money.

These benefits are transferrable to a wide range of sectors and are becoming increasingly common in everyday life for consumers as well as industry personnel. This includes locating the movements of roadwork machinery if the engine is not running, monitoring fuel tank levels for many vehicles, and popular household items, such as smart meter upgrades.

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What problems do asset and fleet management services tackle?

Regardless of whether your company has small or large profit margins, saving on time, money and preventing undesirable circumstances can make a big impact. An effective fleet management system can help prevent:

  • Theft of machinery and equipment
  • Dangerous driving of company vehicles
  • Dated, manual measuring processes
  • Declining service levels
  • Inaccurate equipment and staff information
  • Overspending and avoidable costs
  • Dangers posed to lone workers
  • Unnecessary vehicle maintenance

Fleet and asset management benefits

We understand that it is crucial that business owners can clearly see the benefits of investing in a solution before making a final decision.

By securing a fleet and asset management plan, you will:

  • Protect or recover your high-value assets from theft or unauthorised use
  • Save money by reducing insurance, man hours, expenses, maintenance and repairs
  • Win more business by providing faster, more accurate and/or work lower prices
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by monitoring and maximising the usage of your vehicles or machines
  • Empower your business by implementing positive change and improvements and providing simpler, more effective processes that result in higher quality services

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