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Leased line - what are the benefits?

Have you ever found yourself waiting weeks or maybe months for your high speed internet connection to be installed?

Are your offices in a location that does not support cabled broadband?

Our wireless leased line offers customers Internet access with capacities that can be tailored to perfectly suit your usage. Our wireless solution is free from third party fibre exchanges, meaning that we offer a secure connection that doesn’t rely on other companies. We can also provide a fast, reliable connection to multiple sites creating a secure network for your entire business.

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Why choose a leased line and how could sticking with traditional broadband hurt your business?

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Key Benefits of Wireless Leased Line

  • 99.95% Uptime guarantee
  • Guaranteed 4 hour fix time
  • 5-10 day delivery period
  • Small fixed installation fee
  • True 1:1 secure connection
  • All data is encrypted

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