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How could your team use an extra 2 hours per day?

Save up to 25% of time spent on daily operations with Wildix easy-to-use and cyber-secure cloud-hosted telephone system.

Wildix for your business communications

Your business communications systems have become a strategic asset, at the very centre of how your business operates in the fast-changing, modern world. Choosing the right cloud-hosted telephony system can be an underestimated step in securing the growth and success of your business long term.

It’s even possible to save up to 2 hours per day when using the right communication tools. Just think what you could do with the additional resource this frees up! Wildix is the perfect tool for the job for SMEs looking to scale their operations based on several key benefits users gain from working on the platform, not to mention the clever extensions which seamlessly link into your business processes – such as MS Teams integration as standard.

Why choose Wildix Collaboration?

It’s a given that your cloud-hosted telephony system should work effectively, covering the key features you need like video call provision and free internal calling between offices or remote workers. The true value in Wildix can be found in how easy it is to use and, as such, how well Wildix fits into your current business operations, providing additional security at the same time too.

100% secure-by-design systems. First web based PBX
Wildix PBX phone system can save you between 50% – 75% off your overall connectivity costs
Up to 52% in increased web sales through Wildix web features
Time savings for your team members using Wildix Collaboration

Wildix Collaboration Benefits

Wildix Collaboration Features

AUDIO CALLS – easily take and transfer calls to any device
VIDEO CALLS – share your screen for easy collaboration
CHAT – send instant messages to colleagues
VIDEO CONFERENCING – get together no matter where your team are

Wildix Integration with Microsoft Teams

Wildix Collaboration integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to replace your existing telephone system and utilise Teams for all communications. Wildix with Teams will allow your business to cost-effectively make external calls from within your Teams app.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With the Wildix mobile app for business communications, your employees can access Wildix Collaboration on their own iOS and Android devices.

More cutting-edge Wildix Services

Wildix is the only VOIP phone system that can provide you with real-time user status information, for colleagues working both remotely and in your office. Call hold, call transfers, call parking and call queuing functionality also allows you to manage your customer calls between all users effectively. A secure chat system is also built into the Wildix call platform as standard meaning colleagues can also easily communicate via text whilst on calls, even sharing files or turning the chat into a video call in just a single click.

3CX Hosted

Freedom of choice for your telephone network

Voice for MS Teams

Supercharge your Microsoft Teams phone system

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