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How can we help with your IOT & M2M Data Services?

The Internet Of Things

Curveball Solutions is one of the leading M2M sim providers in the UK, specialising in a wide range of M2M data plans which provide you with the capacity to maximise your business growth through utilising IoT & M2M technology across your communication network.

IoT data services can come in all shapes and sizes, so we pride ourselves on being here to help you find the right sized M2M system for you – focused on cost benefits, IoT security and ongoing results.

We supply M2M SIM cards pre loaded with mobile data that can be managed and controlled using our advanced online control centre. This control centre allows you to apply instant rules and policies to each SIM as well as see detailed connection and tariff information. Need a particular SIM card to deactivate after it uses 100mb of data? Our advanced control centre can provide you with the tools to do this and much more.

IoT Solutions vs IoT Devices?

When reviewing the wider market, it’s possible to directly buy IoT enabled devices and the associated software to try and get things up and running in house. Whilst this is an option, it can be time consuming to navigate the technical jargon and associated setup to get the most from your installation. For example the use of a standard sim compared to a roaming sim can affect how your overall system works. We are expert in creating small scale system right through to multi network applications, all working with the latest smart devices.

What is Machine 2 Machine and The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a computing concept that describes a future where every day physical objects will be connected to the internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices.

The IoT is significant because an object that can represent itself digitally becomes something greater than the object by itself, no longer does the object relate just to you but is also connected to the surrounding objects and database data.

A major piece of the IOT puzzle is the Machine 2 Machine (M2M) market. M2M refers to technologies that allow communication via data SIM cards with other devices of the same type. Examples of M2M uses include transferring data from CCTV systems instantly, use in card payment systems such as portable chip and pin devices and smart metering.

Business Mobile

Whether internal or external, you need business lines you can rely on to navigate the day-to-day. Curveball Solutions provides mobile phone devices with clear communication and updated features to stay current with what is trending.

Mobile Device Management

We offer SOTI’s enterprise-grade mobile device management solution to all customers. This service allows users to tap into the logistics of their business mobile phones – their location, performance, any security risks, and activity tracking.

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