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Keeping your team connected

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Keeping your team connected

With the right business mobile solution, your people can easily connect, collaborate and create, no matter where they are.

With our network partnerships and buying power, we help businesses save on mobile devices, tariffs and connectivity while managing monthly spending.  We also specialise in business SIM-only deals, perfect for when you don’t need new devices or require data for mobile connectivity.

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Award Winning O2 Direct Partner

Being an O2 Direct Partner Network member means that Curveball Solutions have attained an enviable reputation within the mobile communications industry. Our ‘world-class customer support and service’ led to us recently being awarded Virgin Media O2 Busness Engage Partner of the Year 2022. 

Expert Advice & Support

Our expert team will review your business needs by learning about your current mobile setup and future requirements before recommending the right business mobile handsets, network and tariffs for you, including call minutes, texts and mobile data.

As a business client, you can also expect first class support from our Service Desk team. Although you can access your monthly invoices and usage reports via your network portal, we also send you a monthly Bill Review report, to help you ensure your mobile account is managed effectively, as well as providing recommended actions based on your usage where needed.

Business Mobile Phone Contracts & Services

Curveball Solutions is your go-to source for business mobile contracts and services that elevate your company’s communications, efficiency and security – whether you’re a small business or larger scale SME operation. In a sea of commercial mobile providers, trust Curveball Solutions to provide the best technology, communication quality, and overall management so you can focus on what matters – your business.

We have developed strong partnerships with all the major mobile networks such as O2, EE, Vodafone, Three and Telefonica, and have even created our very own mobile network – Curveball Mobile. You can be confident that you will receive considered advice on the best mobile plan for your business. 

Accessing the Best Business SIM Only Deals

Curveball Solutions are specialist providers of unlimited data SIM only plans specially designed for business use.

Our business SIM only plans are available on 12 – 36 month flexible term contracts, allowing your business to lock in the lowest possible mobile operator prices for your calls, texts and data.

Curveball Solutions - Business Mobile Key Features

Award-winning customer service – we are the O2 Engage Partner of the Year 2022
Access to all mobile networks
Flexible contract terms
Technology refresh, recycle and lease options
Full account management included
SIM only or full device tariffs available

Business Mobile with Curveball - Onboarding Process

Step One: Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will involve talking to one of our expert Consultants, either by phone or video chat. The purpose of the consultation is for us to learn about your current mobile set up, plus your future requirements. At this stage, your Solutions Consultant can recommend mobile devices and answer any questions you may have.

Step Two: Mobile Quotation

Once we have sorted your needs and budget, our team will move to fill your order and implement all new devices and communication plans to get you up and running. We work quickly to ensure you can focus on your business.

Step Three: Mobile Order Processing

On agreement of your mobile solution, a contract is generated and approved by our Service Desk Team. On receiving your signed contract, the Service Desk team validate the document and work with your Consultant to process your connections with the network and our suppliers. We keep you updated every step of the way, communicating timelines for each element of the process. Updates include SIM and hardware delivery dates and go live dates. If your order includes number ports, we ensure the transfer of numbers is fully agreed before submission to the network. As part of the submission, we’ll ask you to supply us with your PAC codes plus any additional information required.

Step Four: Mobile Delivery

Your order will be delivered by courier. Your devices will usually be available to use immediately, this will be confirmed by your Service Desk team. Once your mobile order is fulfilled, your details will be entered onto our internal database to allow us to manage your account.

Step Five: Ongoing Customer Support

Now that you have received your order, you will be provided with a login to the network portal, allowing you access to your monthly invoices and usage reports. To ensure your mobile account is managed effectively, you will receive a monthly Bill Review report and where necessary, recommended actions based on your usage. To ensure you get the most out of your mobile service, 12 months before your contract is due to end we will advise you of available upgrade extensions.

If you require any help or support with your mobile contract our Service Desk team are on standby ready to help.

Business Mobile Phone Contracts & Tariffs

Curveball Solutions is your go-to source for business mobile contracts and services that elevate your company’s efficiency, security and costs, whether you’re a small business or larger scale SME operation. In a sea of commercial mobile providers, trust Curveball Solutions to provide the best equipment, communication quality, and overall management so you can focus on what matters – your business. We work with a range of mobile networks including O2, Virgin Media and more, ensuring we can offer independent advice on the best options for you.

Find a deal that works for you

With so many business mobile plans available, searching the market for the best one for you can be time-consuming. We advise on the best mobile phone deals and offers available across all UK network providers, including features such as flexible purchase options, flexible contracts, EU Roaming or monthly rollover of unused data.

Or you may prioritise a mobile plan that includes a ‘tech fund’, which can be applied to future technology purchases or offset against other services we provide – saving you more money in the long term.

Connectivity is critical, so our goal is to ensure you have clear, reliable and advanced mobile tech to keep your business communications running efficiently without any hiccups or issues. Providing you and your employees with unlimited communication power – all directly from your pocket!

With support from Curveball Solutions, business mobile is one less thing to worry about. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for your business.

Accessing the Best Mobile & Business SIM Card Deals

Curveball Solutions are specialist providers of unlimited data, sim only plans which are specially designed for business use. Our business sim only plans are available on both 24 month and 36 month contracts, allowing your business to lock in the lowest possible mobile operator checks for your calls and texts – along with your mobile data use too.

Why You Should Work With Us

We have 25 years of experience in helping Liverpool businesses & companies across the UK with their mobile communication requirements. We offer award-winning service from a team of experts on the latest mobile tariffs and handsets. In addition, our highly trained support specialists are on hand to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We are just a phone call away!

With us, it’s about forming lasting relationships. Most of our clients have been with us for many years and continue to come to us for their business mobiles as we consistently deliver competitive rates and world-class service.

Business Mobile Deals

To access the very best business mobile deal to suit your business, we always recommend speaking to one of our expert advisers. Whether you’re looking for flexibility, the best bang for your buck or advice on the right handsets for your team – we can help.
Call for a chat on 0151 547 7997 or get in touch via our message form and we will get in touch with you.

Latest business mobile offers

Take a look at the latest business mobile offers from our partners at O2
  • 20GB FREE on 12 & 24 month SIM only contracts

Offer available until 19th April 2023

To access this deal call 0151 547 7997

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Services

SOTI Mobicontrol

Business Mobile Device Tracking with SOTI MDM software

SOTI’s enterprise grade Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution provides our customers with an unrivalled cloud-based management and performance service, including anti-malware and antivirus protection for managed mobile devices. As an experienced and authorised SOTI Mobicontrol Reseller we’re here to help you navigate the system, to create the perfect setup for your business through specific tools such as SOTI Connect. 

Why choose SOTI Mobicontrol for your MDM services?

SOTI is the market leader when it comes to remote management of your MDM system setup and specific devices, offering a complete solution when it comes to your business mobile phone tracking requirements. When your business uses SOTI mobile tracking software, we can quickly be on hand to support you with any specific requirements, without being on site. This saves time for both parties meaning that we can offer one of the most cost effective solutions available to our customers.

Take control of your mobile field-force: SOTI MobiControl is the Mobile Device-Management solution of choice for centralised control, robust security, instantaneous support and enhanced tracking over any network for any size of deployment.

How does SOTI device tracking improve your mobile security?

There are a wide range of MDM tools available in the market and choosing the best option can sometimes be challenging for a busy business owner. However, in the modern mobile business world device security and management are more important than ever.

SOTI MobiControl allows you to securely manage the apps and content present on your employees’ mobile devices. Mobile security is only as strong as its weakest link, so SOTI makes it easy to secure and manage your devices, tablets and other endpoints through their entire lifecycle – keeping them fully safe and secure.

Using SOTI to manage your business mobile devices is also fully compliant with EU data backup and ISO regulations.

Why choose Curveball for your MDM Services?

As an authorised reseller of SOTI MobiControl, we provide training, installation and support for SOTI MobiControl systems.

We’re specialists in the rapid deployment and provisioning of SOTI Systems, covering your corporate network & associated corporate data. By taking a 360-degree approach to your MDM system, we take the hassle out of setup and ongoing management – from device enrollment to ongoing remote support.

SOTI is a proven and effective MDM Software, get in touch to discuss how our Mobile Device Management services can help you manage your business operations.

M2M SIM Cards & Data Services

Static IP Routers for IoT Data Services

How can we help with your IOT & M2M Data Services?

Curveball Solutions is one of the leading M2M SIM providers in the UK, specialising in a wide range of M2M data plans and M2M SIM card deals. We provide the capacity to maximise your business growth through utilising IoT & M2M data technology across your communication network.

IoT data services can come in all shapes and sizes, so we pride ourselves on being there to help you find the right sized M2M system for you – focused on cost benefits, IoT security and ongoing results.

We supply M2M data SIM cards pre-loaded with mobile data that can be managed and controlled using our advanced online control centre. This control centre allows you to apply instant rules and policies to each SIM and view detailed connection and tariff information.

Need a particular SIM card to deactivate after it uses a set amount of data? Our advanced control centre can provide you with the tools to do this and much more.

IoT Solutions vs IoT Devices?

While it’s possible to directly buy IoT enabled devices and the associated software to try and set up in-house, it takes a lot of time to navigate the technical jargon and setup instructions to get the most from your installation.

For example, using a standard SIM compared to a roaming SIM can affect how your overall system works. Alternatively, we can handle installation for you. We are experts in creating small-scale systems right through to multi network applications, all working with the latest smart devices. Through providing you with specific MDM sims with fixed/static IP addresses, we can make sure your new system works exactly as expected and is fully secure via a private network connection.

What is Machine 2 Machine and The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a computing concept that describes a future where every day physical objects will be connected to the internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices.

The IoT is significant because an object that can represent itself digitally becomes something greater than the object by itself, no longer does the object relate just to you but is also connected to the surrounding objects and database data.

A major piece of the IOT puzzle is the Machine 2 Machine (M2M) market. M2M refers to technologies that allow communication via data SIM cards with other devices of the same type. Examples of M2M uses include transferring data from CCTV systems instantly, use in card payment systems such as portable chip and pin devices and smart metering.

Key Benefits:

Savings – Stop bill shock with our range of tariff optimisation services, bill reviews and inclusive tech funds. 

Flexibility – Deploy quickly and easily across all devices and networks. 

Productivity – Eliminate mobile device downtime and increase M2M workflow productivity. 

Security – Securely manage apps and content across your devices and endpoints through their entire lifecycle. 

Choice – Rapid enrolment and provisioning specific to Apple, Android, Samsung and Windows devices and any operating system – meaning no dependability on networks. 

Visibility – Easily track the location of devices and have full transparency through your monthly reports & itemised billing.  

Why choose Curveball Solutions?

Award winning customer service and digital knowledge
More than two decades experience in IT and Communications
More than half of our staff are highly trained support specialists
As an SME we are agile, responsive and can act quickly to resolve your challenges
Long term client partnerships lie at the heart of our business
For reliable, expert guidance and advice, without the hard sell

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