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Keeping You Connected through Unified Communications Solutions

From tackling your connectivity needs to providing a smooth platform for team communication, we can improve your business’s communications in many ways.

By providing reliable connectivity to suit your company and perfecting one single user experience, we will help you gain control over your business and provide your workforce with the most efficient methods of working – from your phone system right through to wider team collaboration tools and instant messaging.

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What is unified communications and why should you care?

Unified Communications or Unified Comms is a method that businesses can integrate to unify their individual communication platforms into one single user experience to compliment & future proof their operations. But why should you care?

Do you have remote workers? Do you use multiple devices? Do you want to save time and money? Adopting a range of UC solutions would be beneficial to every business that uses multiple communication channels. Connectivity is a vehicle for cheaper communications and building streamlined methods of communication on a strong and reliable connection is an effective way to boost productivity, improve processes and save your company precious time and money.

Effective Communication & Collaboration

We take a 360 degree approach to streamlining your business comms. From effectively navigating the wide range of products available on the market, through to the excellent ongoing customer service we provide to all of our business application customers. This covers traditional elements like phone services, right though to more modern conferencing and vide conferencing solutions too.

Unified Communication Benefits

We know that the most important question to business owners is “how will unified communications benefit me?”

Unified Communications will:

  • Save time, money and hassle by providing seamless access to multiples channels from one place, under one phone number, account and identity.
  • Offer more control over which platforms every employee will use, across both Windows and Mac or Android and IOS. This results in:
  • Help separate work and personal life by controlling all communication channels within certain times
  • Improve functionality of traditional dial-in conference calls and communication techniques
  • Increase productivity due to ease of use
  • Maintain credibility by minimising breaks in communication

What problems will Curveball’s communication solutions tackle?

Whether it’s missing an important email, trouble setting up a conference call or one of many other cross-platform communication issues, we’ve all experienced a hold up caused by poor communication of devices.

Unified communications (UC) is a business trend that seeks to address:

  • Fragmented and inconsistent contact across multiple devices
  • High amounts of devices or apps to be maintained
  • Higher risk of security breach
  • Personal/professional life overlap

Simplifying Business Since 1998

Here at Curveball Solutions, we can help your business in a variety of ways. We offer a range of IT Services & Solutions including Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosted Telephony, Cloud Backups, IT Security, Remote Network Monitoring, Connectivity Solutions, Wireless Leased Lines, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Fleet & Asset Management, Infrastructure Management and 3cx Phone Systems, plus lots more – all fully bespoke to your businesses needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!

How can we help your business succeed?

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Award winning customer service and digital knowledge
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