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What is Business Continuity?

Is your business ready for a disaster? Whether it’s preserving critical IT systems or protecting vital information that you’re unsure about, Curveball Solutions can provide you with first-rate protection and backup disaster recovery services that will shield your company from catastrophe.

Cloud Services

Essential protection against downtime, data breach, corruption and disaster.

IT Support

Unlimited yet cost effective IT Support for your SME or in-house IT Team

IT Security

Critical protection against cyber threats and the damage they cause to business data, reputation, finances, and productivity.

IT Health Check

What are the main security risks on your network? Find out your company’s Network Risk Score.

Why is business continuity essential for my business?

Business continuity is a service that helps to ensure the ability to run key operations, without pause, in the event of disasters or adverse circumstances. Curveball Solutions can offer your company peace of mind when it comes to maintaining a state of operation in cases of significant disruption. Resilience against disruptive circumstances can often make or break a business, and recovery is not an easy feat to accomplish without planned strategies and safeguards.

By providing business continuity tailored to your company, we will assist you in reducing the risks against income, data and brand reputation, and business continuity services can also assist companies in complying with GDPR, as every business has a legal obligation to handle and store customer data in a secure location with little to no risk of breach.

Why business continuity is important?

Business continuity is essentially a safety net for unplanned negative events. Every responsible person will take out insurance for their homes and cars, wear seatbelts and helmets when on the road, and pay into savings or pension funds regularly. How you run your business should be no different. It pays to be prepared.

How well do you think your company would recover from:

  • Tarnished company reputation due to disruptions
  • Security breaches
  • Destruction of data
  • Absence of key employees
  • Risk of financial loss due to business downtime
  • Frequent or probable crises risk

Do you think the risk is worth it?

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Business continuity benefits

  • Preserves brand value and company reputation by providing consistent and reliable services that help avoid negative press
  • Protects private and vital company data needed to operate ensuring that you are never struggling to fulfil customer requirements due to breach
  • Builds trust and customer confidence through the delivery of dependable and unfailing systems and processes
  • Minimises disruptions to both services and employees, saving the businesses money, time and improving productivity of staff and satisfaction of customers
  • Prevents or minimises financial losses by incorporating effective continuity techniques that prepare your operations, such as payment portals, for unexpected down time and disaster

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