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What would you do if…

A crisis can strike any organisation, large or small, at any time, bringing operations to a standstill. How quickly your business recovers will depend on what, if any advance planning has been carried out. This means taking action before operations fail – not after.  

You likely have insurance to protect your business in the event of legal issues, but how can you protect your business from operating issues?  

Follow our detailed guide covering all you need to know to protect your business operations and keep your assets safe. 

The world of information technology and business communications can be a minefield to navigate, with so many options to research and rabbit holes to fall down. As technology continues to develop at the speed of light, it’s hard to know if you’re missing out on not just the latest, but the most useful technology solutions available. 

In our upcoming series, we’ll share a range of articles to help you protect and secure your business. Read on to ensure you’ve got the business technology foundations in place to keep your business operating and succeeding.

What to consider…

1. What would happen to my business if we lost access to our important data?
2. Are my staff inadvertently using common passwords, putting the business at risk?
3. What would happen if my IT staff suddenly left the business?
4. What would happen if an employee inadvertently opened a cybersecurity threat on a business mobile device?
5. Will my business telecoms still work after the planned nationwide telephone line switch-off?


How to avoid losing access to your critical business data

We’ve all lost the odd saved document or forgotten a password, but what if an employee lost all their documents and emails? Or if all of your company’s Microsoft 365 content disappeared? Even worse, what if you lost access to all data on your network – customer records, orders, accounts, supplier data? When this happens to a business and staff are forced to revert to using their memory and pen and paper to operate, the impact and cost can be significant. Learn how to plan ahead to avoid data loss disruption, and what actions can be taken to ensure your business is always able to access your critical information.  


Your IT Security is only as strong as your weakest link

Your IT Security strategy is only as strong as its weakest link, and in many cases, this can be as simple as staff using common passwords that can easily be hacked. How can you ensure your employees are not inadvertently putting your business at risk from cybercriminals and ransomware attacks? We share tips and advice that is straightforward and simple to put into practice.  


How to securely manage your smart devices

Managing your employee’s many business mobile devices can be challenging. Learn how Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology can help, including how to track your devices, manage their content, keep them cyber secure and ensure that confidential data is properly deleted – for compliance purposes it’s critical to ensure that personal data is deleted on request. 

mobile device management
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What to do if critical IT and Technical staff leave your business

What would you do if a key member of your IT team suddenly left or was long-term sick? Losing IT staff can cost a lot of time and money as a new team member is recruited and trained. And what would be the impact on your business in the meantime if an IT emergency occurred? We share how to ensure your business always has access to IT Support, as well as a range of specialist IT expertise, even if your business already has an inhouse IT resource. 


7 Steps to Prepare Your Business for the UK Analogue Telephone Line Switch-Off

Significant changes are happening to the UK telephone line network is your business ready? Learn what you need to do to prepare and safeguard your business with our 7-Step Plan. Read on to check how your business will be affected and how to upgrade to digital communications before the historic ISDN telecoms network is switched off.