Why we’re wild about Wildix Cloud Telephone Systems

Now we know what you’re thinking. This may seem a bit of an exaggerated statement given that we’re talking about a cloud hosted telephone system, particularly when you consider the wide range of options available in the market for ambitious small businesses.

Some business telephony systems have been around for decades by this point, with the first GSM phone call being made nearly thirty years ago and paving the way for data driven internet based phone calling between users.

Of course, cloud-based phone software has developed significantly since then. However, there are still some pitfalls with the platforms and hardware on offer from longer serving providers.

Some of these issues have become even more prominent in a world of increased video calling and remote working, but that doesn’t mean that they should keep slowing your business down – especially as markets become increasingly competitive.

The drawbacks with your existing telephone system

Most cloud-based phone system do what they say on the tin, in that the effectively and securely delivery your business telephone calls via your internet data connection. The drawbacks in these systems can be found more in what isn’t included, or what you’re missing out on through using an older system.

Some of the issues with more conventional telephony systems include:

Hard to use for businesses and users – As older platforms have been shaped and evolved over time to increase their functionality, the dashboards for both customers and employees can get crowded and difficult to navigate. Older hardware can also be limited by aspects like wired headsets or phones which aren’t touch screen.

Difficulties with integration – Conventional cloud-based telephone systems operate on a standalone basis and as technology has progressed, the need for integration has grown. For example, does your telephone system automatically log calls in your CRM or book meetings into employee calendars?

Compliance and security – Despite stringent legislation on how businesses must collect and store data, some systems have struggled to keep up with the functionality needed to meet these requirements. Although they might be included in your system, they are an additional extension or an afterthought which has been added later in the development process.

All these issues can be resolved by upgrading your cloud telephone system to something more focused on the daily communication needs of modern businesses.

What is Wildix and why is it different?

Wildix is a cloud-based telephone system which gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry, by saving your team members up to two hours a day.

This is done through providing as full ecosystem of system extensions which really do provide all the communications tools you need, in once place and accessible via your internet browser. This applies to both your internal communication between team members and direct engagement with your customers.

A sales focused telephone system

In business we all know that a healthy sales pipeline is the fuel for consistent growth over time, and in turn we also know that at times this can be a challenge to manage effectively.

Wildix takes a sales first approach to your business communications to help you achieve this by integrating with a wide range of CRM platforms and providing real time, detailed reporting to help optimise your sales processes.

For example, if your sales agents spend a lot of time managing their contact list, Wildix can be integrated with Google to import contacts, arrange calls directly from Chrome and provide single sign on across multiple office sites or locations via your employees existing Google accounts.

What does my business get with Wildix?

Wildix includes an extremely extensive range of core functionality, in addition to some specific extensions which can help serve your businesses specific needs around voice and video calling.

The main elements within Wildix include:

VOIP phone system – The core phone system offering provided by Wildix represents an extremely reliable and detailed platform which can be fully operated from a browser, with no need to install additional software.

The main application includes features like multiple phone lines, your office phone number across all your devices and even the ability for users to work from their own laptop and mobile devices if required. Wildix has been specifically designed to work well when your employees are spending increased time working from home.

As standard, the phone system also has a secure chat system, built in for both laptop and mobile users. Chat sessions can also quickly and easily be turned into video calls and passed between devices.

Wizyconf video conferencing – An additional video conferencing extension which is fully built into the Wildix platform, which means that you again don’t have to install any additional software on any of your devices. Furthermore, your customers can also access your video calls directly with a browser link, with just one click, on any device. No more arguments about which video platform is best!

Wizywebinar Professional Webinars – You can even use Wildix to turn your office space into a professional specification movie production studio, setting you apart from the competition when it comes to quality, speed and reliability of the videos you broadcast. The platform can even help with your sales process, automatically booking follow up calls with your prospects, turning them into leads and clients over time.

There are literally hundreds of ways that Wildix can be integrated with your existing applications like CRMS or marketing platforms such as Hubspot, adding an additional layer of insight to your communications activity, without friction for your users or customers.

Growing your business with Webinars

Webinars are amongst one of the most highly engaged forms of online content. Not only can they drive traffic to your website with the right promotion, but they are then also a useful asset which can be saved and revisited over time in places like your social media channels and website blog.

The total number of webinars published has increased dramatically in recent years, as it has become quicker and easier to self-publish your video content online. However, as 83% of internet users say they’d only watch one webinar per week it’s essential to make sure your businesses webinar productions are top quality.

Wildix can be integrated with studio specification microphones and 15W HD speakers that perfectly reproduce the sounds coming from the other side of the screen. You can also link up to three monitors, ensuring maximum engagement with your participants through two-way streams and interactive Q&A sessions.

We’d love to talk you through the benefits Wildix can add to your business, so if you feel this could help please contact us for a no obligation communication audit.

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