What To Think About When Outsourcing IT Support

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How Does Outsourced IT Support Work?

Organisations will partner with an IT specialist MSP (Managed Service Provider), who will offer a subscription plan that includes service level agreements. Put simply, your MSP would become your IT department, proactively managing updates and resolving IT issues.

What Should Business Owners Ask Themselves?

Am I experiencing ongoing tech problems?

Poor network speeds, slow computers or a network crash (which will usually occur at the worst possible time!) can all result in costly downtime. However, with the right ongoing preventative maintenance and monitoring, these sorts of issues can be avoided, stopping expensive problems before they start.

All technology will experience problems at some point, if this is a continuous problem then partnering with an experienced IT Support MSP is the answer.

Can I afford to hire in-house IT resources?

Maintaining an onsite IT team is an expensive business. The average salary for an IT Manager in the UK is £39,318, not to mention the costs of recruitment, training, pensions and tax – and that’s just one employee.

With an outsourced IT solution, you can save the time and expense of hiring additional in-house IT staff whilst benefiting from easy access to a range of specialist technical expertise. Your IT partners will be there to provide support whenever any onsite IT resource is unavailable.

Is my IT budget inconsistent?

Not only is the price of tech always changing (and if not managed can easily escalate), reactive IT Support costs to resolve problems can be unpredictable and expensive.

With an external IT Support partner in place, a flat rate monthly fee means that your budgets become predictable, reducing your overall costs and overheads.

Do I have data on my network that’s too important to lose?

Did you know that the chances of an SME experiencing a cyber security attack is around 50/50? With cyber criminals constantly developing new schemes and new regulations such as GDPR, data protection and disaster planning procedures have become business critical.

Choose an IT Support plan that includes IT Security, ideally a robust, best-in-class solution that is adaptive to the latest threats. In addition, the right MSP will be able to offer a Business Continuity Plan with Disaster Recovery solutions designed carefully to fit your business needs and mitigate future risks.

Why Do Many Businesses Choose External IT Support?

1. Lower costs

The main reason we see businesses making the switch to an external IT Support partner is to make cost savings. This is one of the central reasons regardless of a company’s size.

Compared to in-house costs that include recruitment, ongoing training, salary, tax and National Insurance, as well as the additional costs of specialist expertise as required, the savings made by outsourcing IT Support can be significant.

2. Access to specialist technical capabilities

By outsourcing IT Support to a reputable MSP, businesses instantly gain an IT Department with a range of specialist technical expertise plus experience in helping multiple clients solve a diverse range of problems. This increased technical expertise allows businesses to gain the advantage over their competitors as they benefit from increased capabilities, efficiencies and improved productivity.

3. Access to the latest technology know how

Technology is advancing and transforming at an ever-increasing rate and business IT is no exception. We see many growth companies keen to take advantage of the latest tech and applications to take advantage of efficiencies and stay ahead of the competition.

IT Support MSP’s provide massive value to businesses who want to stay ahead of the game or even just to keep up. MSP’s offer their partners invaluable access to a team of specialists who monitor and advise on the benefits of the latest tech advances.

4. Reduce the risks

By partnering with an IT Support MSP who provides ongoing preventative maintenance, you will reduce the number of technical issues experienced as well as the impact of downtime on your business. Plus, should a crisis arise, someone else is responsible for getting your systems up and running as quickly as possible.

5. Take advantage of freed up resources / refocus on priorities

All businesses have limited time and resources to work with, outsourcing your IT Support frees up valuable time and resources that can be better allocated to processes that improve your business and help it grow.

Outsourcing IT Support to a reputable MSP gives you the confidence that your IT is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on what your business does best.What should an IT Support Contract include?

  • Ticketing / Case Management system
  • Agreed Response Times
  • Hours of cover
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Any Exclusions

Why Choose Curveball Solutions As Your Outsourced IT Support Provider?

  • Enjoy peace of mind by outsourcing your IT Support to Curveball Solutions, a partner with 21 years technology expertise
  • You can be confident that we can manage your IT while you focus on what you do best.

Our simply priced IT Support packages are designed to reduce your costs, stress and disruption to your business allowing you to benefit from increased capabilities, efficiencies and improved productivity.

Simplifying Business Since 1998

Here at Curveball Solutions, we can help your business in a variety of ways. We offer a range of IT Services & Solutions including Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosted Telephony, Cloud Backups, IT Security, Remote Network Monitoring, Connectivity Solutions, Wireless Leased Lines, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Fleet & Asset Management, Infrastructure Management and 3cx Phone Systems, plus lots more – all fully bespoke to your businesses needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!

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