What Is Microsoft Office 365 In A Nutshell?

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In our previous post ‘What is the cloud and why do I need it?’ we saw that while the cloud can be viewed as a concept, in physical terms it’s simply a network of servers. Some servers provide data storage, whilst others are responsible for running programs and applications.

Put simply, cloud technology refers to accessing and storing data and programs elsewhere via the internet, instead of on your computer hard drive.

Throughout this series of posts we will be asking what cloud solutions are available to raise your business game, but today we’ll examine cloud business application Office 365. This topic is particularly relevant right now as Office 2010 approaches retirement.

Microsoft Office 365 Summarised

Microsoft describes Office 365 as “an integrated experience of apps and services, designed to help you pursue your passion and grow your business.”

The subscription based bundle provides everything the modern worker needs, wherever they need it and on any device. Delivering much more than just email, Word and Excel, Office 365 allows you to access all the applications  and documents you use in the office, wherever you are.

How Is Office 365 Different To Office 2010?

  • The apps you know got smarter. Premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint help with built-in intelligence and let you coauthor, dictate into documents, and get real-time data.
  • File sharing and collaboration. Easily share and collaborate with others by making edits and offering feedback in real time. Work together with others for free using Office for the web.
  • Always have access to your info. Access and save your files securely from anywhere on all your favorite devices with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage.
  • Protect your valuable data. Safeguard your digital assets with OneDrive security such as ransomware detection, password-protected sharing links, and file recovery. With Outlook.com get advanced virus and phishing protection.

Any Other Good Reasons To Upgrade To Office 365?

As a cloud-based application, businesses working with Office 365 benefit from:

  • Productivity: the cloud allows people to work collaboratively regardless of their location.  Sharing information in real time via shared workspaces and storage applications can deliver  faster project development and improved customer service.
  • Cost savings: with no upfront investment in hardware and pay-as-you-go billing, cloud can provide significant cost efficiencies throughout your business.
  • Scalability: cloud enables you to scale IT in line with the needs of the business – to scale up during growth or seasonally busy periods, and back when needed.

Still Running Office 2010?

The bad news.

From Tuesday 13th October 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Office 2010. Continuing to run this application suite after this date is a threat to your networks security. Even with IT Security software installed, your network could still be exposed to data theft, malware and viruses through new security vulnerabilities which Microsoft will no longer provide updates for.

The good news.

Office 365 provides all the familiar productivity boosting in applications of Office 2010, with enhanced communication, collaboration and security – all in one cloud based platform.

  • Secure and affordable – data centre compliance regulations provide resilience and security whilst their economies of scale make it affordable
  • Improves efficiency – makes it simple to manage business from anywhere and scale operations instantly
  • Provides customisation based on your business need – easier to manage, allowing changes to be made remotely
  • Eliminates the risk of data loss – resilience through strict data centre compliance rules with multiple layers of server back up
  • Offers immediate upgrades and latest available technologies – monthly subscription models provide instant upgrades and updates
  • Globally accessible – access your data and work from anywhere in the world

What Is The Cloud Used For?

Most of us use the cloud in our daily lives, often without even realising it. For example, common applications include Instagram, Youtube, Amazon, online banking, online data storage, Hotmail and Gmail (to name but a few).

When you upload a post to Facebook or save photos to Google Drive, this data will be stored on the clouds storage servers. Or, when you send an email via Microsoft online or scroll through your Facebook timeline, these applications are being powered by cloud application servers.

With an internet connection, data can be accessed from the cloud anytime, anywhere around the globe.

Business Simplicity Solutions

The solutions that will be of the most benefit to your business will depend on your specific goals and any obstacles in your way. At Curveball Solutions we provide our clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ of solutions designed to simplify business operations and reduce costs. Our clients also benefit from a dedicated Account Manager who essentially becomes a part of their team.

As a Managed Services Provider we become long-term partners with our clients, providing access to our expertise and to the benefits offered by our range of carefully selected partners.

Interested In Upgrading Your Business To Office 365? 

Curveball Solutions is an award-winning Managed Services company that can help you cut through the complexity and find the right solutions to fit your business.

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