Top 10 Cyber Security Tips

Top 10 cyber security tips

1. Ensure all network device firmware is regularly updated to reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities.

2. If you do not have a boundary firewall on your company network, then consider installing one or at least implement and enable firewalls on all individual devices (laptops/desktops).

3. Make sure that all default passwords supplied with devices are changed before they are connected to your network. Always use strong passwords that contain a combination of Upper/Lower case letters, numbers and other characters.

4. For important systems (e.g. banking) consider using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) if this service is available

5. If you are still running Windows XP / 7 / 8 consider upgrading to Windows 10. Find out why here. (If you still need to run these operating systems to support other legacy systems then try to isolate these machines from the rest of your network and do not expose directly to the internet).

6. If you are still running Windows Server Small Business (SBS) or Windows Server 2003 or 2008, consider upgrading to Windows Server 2019.

7. Ensure all Server, Desktop and Laptop Operating System and application software updates are installed on all networked computers as soon as they become available.

8. Use a reputable Anti Virus product to protect your computers from malicious attacks, free versions of these products are limited in their functionality and the protection they offer.

9. Provide employees with Cyber Awareness training and review your IT Security policies. Visit IT Governance for more information.

10. Don’t use free or paid public Wi-Fi, without using a VPN.

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