The Value Of Simplicity In Business

Complex diagram with a simple, straight path through it.

As a business grows, it can over time pick up complexities that distract focus away from its core activities. Yet by striving for simplicity, businesses can benefit from a healthier and much more efficient approach to growth.

To put it simply, this can be achieved by staying focused on specific goals and cutting out the unnecessary processes that are diverting attention away from those goals.

What’s The Problem With Complexity In Business?

As businesses expand it can be necessary to find ways to get core tasks completed simultaneously. However, the result can be that instead of devising processes to streamline operations, businesses are focusing on methods to manage internal complications.

Instead of consolidating, many businesses are adding layers of complexity, for example by increasing the number of employees, introducing more processes or installing numerous software solutions. This can mean:

•  Slower decision making due to an increasing number of stakeholders and layers of authority

•  Frustration and headaches as employees try to navigate a combination of new and old systems

•  Wasted time as employees learn various technologies and procedures

How Can Businesses Adopt Simplicity?

The most suitable approach to simplify business practices will differ for each company, however at a high level, there are three key stages.

1. Focus On A Few Specific Goals

List your goals (for example, winning new clients, reducing overheads or updating old systems and technology) and prioritise them. Keep the list short, simple and to the point – having fewer projects will allow teams to focus on what’s important.

2. Clear Away Obstacles

Next, establish what are the key challenges for the business:

•  Do employees face numerous approvals and sign offs to get anything done?

•  Are there processes in place that have too many steps and take up too much time?

•  Are your communication and IT systems outdated, slow or inefficient?

To foster simplicity it’s critical to identify what obstacles are holding the business back.

3. Identify Solutions

Finally, identify simple processes or technologies that address the obstacles and support goals.
Once solutions to streamline operations are in place, additional resources will be freed up allowing teams to focus on achieving the companies goals.

Simplicity leads to success. It’s that simple.

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