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13 Questions To Identify The IT Strategy Your Business Needs To Succeed In 2023

How can you leverage IT and Comms technology to achieve your 2023 business targets?

We have put together some questions you can answer yourself to highlight the IT strategy your business needs to achieve success in 2023.

Are we experiencing ongoing tech problems?

Poor network speeds, slow computers or a network crash (usually occurring at the worst possible time!) can all result in costly downtime. However, with the proper ongoing preventative maintenance and monitoring, these sorts of issues can be avoided, stopping expensive problems before they start.

Is our IT hardware performing at its best?

The critical question is, does your hardware allow your employees to work effectively or in reality, cause frustration? At the minimum, it’s essential to make sure that your hardware is configured correctly and has the latest supported operating system and software installed – to support productivity and protect IT security.

Is migrating our servers to the cloud worth considering?

If your business is dealing with issues caused by ageing servers, it may well be worth looking at the benefits of upgrading to the cloud. By storing your IT infrastructure in the cloud (also known as Infrastructure as a Service), you will no longer need to waste time keeping an ageing server running effectively. From a business continuity perspective, you can also be confident that your data is secure and always available, no matter what.


Do we need to upgrade to new tech and if so, how can we fund it?

If your business needs to upgrade tech hardware, you may be thinking about the best way to fund it. There are a couple of options available:

  1. CAPEX (Capital purchase): If you have the capital available, you can simply buy in your new tech outright however, if you are a Curveball Solutions mobile customer with a tech fund available, you can use it to pay towards the cost of both new mobiles or other technology.
  2. OPEX (Operating cost): We offer businesses upgrading their IT infrastructure a financial provision, allowing you to spread the equipment cost on a lease basis. You have the option to rent your equipment or purchase it put right. This allows you to smooth out cash flow while still accessing tech upgrades. It’s an effective and powerful way for businesses to free the cash tied up in their existing assets

Is my IT budget inconsistent?

Reacting to unexpected IT problems as they occur makes IT costs unpredictable and expensive. This impacts your budget and cash flow while time is wasted sourcing external help. With an external IT Support provider that charges a straightforward monthly fee, your IT spend is predictable and consistent, and many potential IT issues are resolved before they cause problems.

Are we struggling to manage our IT resources?

Is your business having issues due to a limited IT workforce? This can include time and money spent on IT recruitment and training, problems retaining IT staff and managing holiday cover. If your IT management time is spent reactively dealing with day-to-day IT support, leaving little time to work on core IT projects, you may want to consider outsourcing your IT support.

Is my business cyber secure and GDPR compliant?

Did you know that the chances of a medium-sized business experiencing a cyber security attack is 65%? Is your business protected against phishing and ransomware? With cybercriminals constantly developing new hacks, plus GDPR and data protection regulations to think about, effective and adaptive cybersecurity is critical. We can help your business identify and close gaps in your IT security, produce IT policies and even provide support in achieving Cyber Essentials or ISO27001 compliance.

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Do I have data on my network that’s too important to lose?

If you lose access to your customer records, orders or work documents, could you regain access to that data quickly and easily from any computer? Many businesses have reached out to us to help effectively back up their critical data, often after they have already experienced days of downtime caused by lost data due to a network crash, cyberattack or power outage. Don’t fall into this trap and waste several operating days, simply because your business isn’t protected with cloud data backup.

Are my Microsoft 365 emails backed up?

There is a common misconception that Microsoft 365 users do not need a data backup. And that would be a risky assumption to make, despite the fact we are talking about Microsoft. Don’t wait until important emails and documents have already been lost before thinking about additional data backup.

7 Reasons Why You Need Additional Data Backup With Microsoft 365

Is our flexible workforce fully supported?

Are your remote employees set up to work productively, and in a way that is safe for your business? With many workers permanently working remotely, plus new recruits expecting hybrid working opportunities, its worth thinking about. You may want to consider Microsoft Office 365 integration with Teams for its advantages in communications and collaboration, file sharing, integrated calendars and more. Regarding security, does your business have end-to-end protection with full visibility and control of devices? Unified Endpoint Management with remote support brings personally-owned devices into the fold – a big help when recruiting new people remotely.

Is our business still using analogue copper telephone lines?

If yes, the bad news is that BT Openreach has announced that in 2025, they will permanently switch off the UK’s old analogue telephone network (ISDN and PSTN). However, the GOOD news is you can switch to digital telecoms and start saving money straight away. A cloud-hosted telecom system cuts out the need for physical, onsite hardware or storage: no more maintenance costs, expensive upgrades or service downtime. A cloud-hosted telecom system can quickly deliver impressive results for your business, budget and customers.

The BT Switch Off: Everything Your Business Needs To Know

How is our business connectivity performing?

Are your employees, visitors or customers struggling to access wi-fi? Does connectivity keep dropping off, or is your broadband speed simply not fast enough? Poor connectivity is frustrating and has a massive impact on operations. No matter your business size, location or set-up, we can always find a way to improve connectivity for your users.

Are we planning an office move or opening a new site?

If an office move or a new site opening is on the schedule, it’s definitely worth speaking to our experts, who can help you ensure everything needed to power your business is covered. We can help set up your new site’s communications, connectivity, IT infrastructure, hardware, printers and CCTV and source the best rates for utilities. Book a free 30-minute expert consultation here.

Next steps?

After answering these questions you should now have an idea of where your business needs to take action to ensure your IT infrastructure supports rather than hinders your business success.

Book a 30 minute consultation with one of our experts who will help you refine your IT plans further and provide independent advice on the best solutions for your business.




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